Asian Pussy Niya

August 7th, 2008

Here is Niya from ATK Exotics, she has one of tightest bodies on an asian women I have seen in a while. Perfect round tits with small nipples, nice thick legs, flat stomach, great round ass, and a bald pussy with big long lips… Niya is a little older than most of the girls we post here, she is 32 years old but can fuck like 18 year old.

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Horny Asian Teen

April 2nd, 2008


This horny asian teen’s name is Jade. I like that purple streak in her hair, it makes her look pretty cool. What makes her even more cool is the way she spreads her nice asian pussy in all her awesome galleries. She also has nice cunt lips too.

That dildo looks like it has a bit of a hook on it. She could probably just reach right between her legs from the front a little and slip that thing right up her ass… if she wanted to. Her pussy is trimmed but she’s a nice little spreader.

Jade is 19 years old and has a 34AA bust. She’s a sweet little chick and is only 4’1″ tall. Wouldn’t you love to just drive your dick right up her tight asian twat?

She has a full bio at ATK Exotics and lists her occupaton as a fetish model. I’d love to know what this chick is really into. She’s into bondage, I know that much, but what is she doing as a fetish model? I’d love to invite her over and have her show me in person. And then we could fuck!

Jade likes polite people with ethics and says she’d like to have a blonde girl with large breasts or a conservative looking man with dark hair. If you fit into either of these categories then you and Jade can fuck! Oh, and here’s a hint… Jade gets turned-on when she’s at the beach. She’d love to try having sex while she is half-burried in the sand.

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Shaved Korean Pussy

March 29th, 2008


This shaved Korean babe Marci is tall and slim, and although she’s about as flat as a board, she’s a wild fuck! I sure wouldn’t mind taking her out for a spin myself!

Marci is 22 years old and has a nice ass. I liked how she stripped out of her blouse and her skirt in this gallery, man, does she look hot!

She’s 5’7″ tall, weighs 115 pounds and has a bust size of 32A. Marci works as a waitress and enjoys singing, dancing and clubbing.

Marci also says she likes it doggy. I had my eye on her ass when she was stripping out of her skirt anyway, and I’d love to pound her from behind.

She also says that she love huge dicks. If you’ve got a big dick and don’t mind fucking her while standing up in a public shower, then Marci would love to meet you.

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Horny Asian Girl Isabella

March 13th, 2008


Isabella is a super-horny asian hottie. She looks awesome in this nice masturbation set. I love that shot of her lifting up her ass while she’s pulling her panties off. And then later, she gets her dildo into position and pushes down on it and it goes right up her nice asian pussy.

This chick looks very sexy, and she’s got a great set of tits. I’d love to spend at least one night with this cutie.

Isabella is 20 years old and has 16 excellent galleries available including several other masturbation scenes. I’d really love to have this cutie play with my dick as much as she uses her dildo.

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Shaved Miss Phillippines

March 4th, 2008



Iris never did really hold the title of Miss Phillippines, but she’s cute enough, so she should have! This chick has her pussy shaved clean but take a look at those nice cunt lips! Maybe that’s why she shaves her cunt? So everyone can see how nice her pussy lips are?

Iris has five nice galleries available and 24 movies at ATK Exotics. She’s a waitress and a student. I sure wouldn’t mind having her “serve” me!

She’s 22 years old and likes guys that are funny. Hell, I can be funny, especially if we’re going to fuck! If there’s some nice asian pussy to be had then I can be whatever she wants… within reason… kinda’.

Iris has a full bio available and has one thing in there that I thought was pretty cool. She says that she wants to have sex in all 50 states. What do you have to do to find a cute, horny babe like this? She’d certainly make a nice travel companion, wouldn’t she? And why stop at only one time per state? Why not make it two or three times per state just to be sure?

She’s into waterskiing, camping and clubbing, and says that she wants to become wealthy. This chick would make an amazing fuck-buddy, and if you were hanging out with this little asian cutie then at least you would have a wealth of nice asian cunt!

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Asian Cutie Punished By White cock

February 27th, 2008

This chick Christina is a fucking little sweetheart! She’s got nine really nice galleries including some hardcore stuff, and 20 excellent movies where she’s getting totally fucked by a white cock.

She looks very hot when she’s sucking on a dick. After she does that for a while, she gets that same dick up her tight asian twat, and gets her tight asian pussy fucked in several positions. Christina is a nice spreader too. In another hot sex scene, she does an amazing job sucking a cock. Man, that is really nice, and she ends up taking a massive cumshot on her face for good measure.

Christina is a hot babe, and is 20 years old. She likes men with confidence, muscles and a pretty face. What she really wants though, is to be loved and have great sex.

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A Korean Girl Named China

February 6th, 2008



So you walk in on this cute korean girl and she’s making pumpkins… Oh cool, you’re making the pumpkins. Her face looks cute when she’s doing something. Take your cunt out and let’s fuck.

That sounds like an excellent idea to China. She’s always horny and is ready to fuck on demand! So she wastes no time stripping naked and starts spreading her tight asian pussy. I really love that last shot of her up on the counter with her legs spread. How’d you love to stick your dick right up her tight asian slit?

China is 19 years old and would make a great fuck-buddy. She’s got a shaved pussy but that hole would feel real nice on your dick.

She’s a student and likes men with large dicks. She described her ideal man as hung big. She would really love to fuck three guys at once, and also says she likes it doggy.

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South Korean Girl Leandra

January 17th, 2008


Leandra is a sweet asian puntang with a nice tight pussy. She currently has eleven excellent galleries at ATK Exotics including some action, hardcore fucking series and a few blowjob scenes too.

There’s a footfetish gallery for the guys who are into that sort of stuff, and an upskirt gallery too. There’s even a dildo scene as well. This little asian babe did a nice variety of work.

Leandra also  has 10 movies of her sucking cock and getting fucked. I’d love to be the guy putting my dick up her tight asian cunt.

This nice little chick is from South Korea and is 22 years old. She weighs only 100 pounds and says she doesn’t have any hopes or dreams for the moment. She just likes to live day by day.

But one good thing about her too is that she loves to get on top. I’d love to have her get on top and slip my dick up her tight asian pussy… she can ride it as deep as she likes!

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Hot Asian Nurse Courtney

November 5th, 2007



This cute asian nurse can cure almost anything with her tight asian pussy. What a total sweetheart!

Courtney currently has 17 excellent galleries in the asian pussy section at ATK Exotics. These shots are from her second of two nurse galleries. There is also a nice set of her as a maid, and Courtney looks just as hot in that one too.

Actually, I enjoyed all her sets so far. Her shaved asian pussy looks tight and nice. She also has a nice ass. Courtney is 21 years old and is a student. She likes rock music and likes guys with long hair.

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Asian Babe Ayane

October 10th, 2007


This cute asian punta is one of the many current asian models from ATK Exotics. She’s got a nice body, a real pretty face and a nice asian pussy.

I noticed that Ayane has a small tattoo on her lower back, some kind of devil-looking thing, it was hard to tell exactly what it was in the picture I saw, but whatever it is it kind of suits her. It gives the impression that you may be able to fuck her a little easier, or that she may be more inclined to accept an invitation for a fuck.

Ayane trims her pussy hair, and she’s still highly fuckable for sure, but I’d love to see her grow out her bush. I love hairy asians too.

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